Paternity in Northern Idaho

When paternity is in question, both parents and children alike can find the process of establishing paternity to be emotional and difficult. As a man, you may be seeking parental rights for a child you believe to be yours. As a woman, you may need assistance establishing the legal paternity of your child.

North Idaho Family Law, PLLC can help you establish paternity of your child and achieve deserved rights for both you and your child. We have worked with many parents and guardians to establish paternity in an efficient and effective manner.

Establishing guaranteed paternity is an important matter. For example, parents who do not live together are obligated to contribute to their child’s medical care and health insurance, educational costs, and overall living expenses and well-being. These situations also necessitate establishment of paternity for the well-being of the child. Children deserve to know the medical histories of either side of their family, and additional benefit qualifications may play a role as well.

Not all paternity establishment cases achieve open compliance with both parties at first. It’s not uncommon for a plaintiff to allege that another party, the defendant, is the biological father of their child, and for the defendant to avoid compliance. This can complicate matters and requires filing a paternity action in court.

Our legal team can assist you with whatever aspect of paternity establishment you need assistance with. We have helped many parents and children establish paternity and achieve their deserved rights through the Idaho legal system.